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As children shape their own worlds with toy, we play our part in having a positive impact on the world they live in today and will inherit in the future.

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Our Story

BooTaa since its inception, the company has been dedicated to stimulating children’s imagination and learning interest through high-quality, innovative toys. Its product range has evolved from handcrafted wooden toys to a diverse collection that includes electronic educational toys, role-playing kits. Providing children with a safe, fun, and learning-rich play environment.

Founded in a small town in the US by an entrepreneur with a passion for children's education.
The company expanded its international distribution network and began selling products in the Asian and European markets.
It began to use environmentally friendly materials to manufacture toys, emphasizing its responsibility to the environment.
The company has launched a line of science, technology, engineering and math-related educational toys designed to spark children's interest in these fields.
John H. Foster
Founder, CEO

Born in the United States, Foster had a lifelong interest in child development and education. He established BooTaa with the aim of creating toys that were both enjoyable and educational, helping children learn and grow through play.

Happy Community

Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow

Play is the key that unlocks a child’s potential, starting from the moment they engage with their first toy. It stimulates imagination, encourages problem-solving skills, and fosters social interaction. Through play, children explore their world, develop critical thinking, and build emotional resilience, laying a foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Happy Community

Supporting a more creative and resilient society

To foster a creative and resilient society, we must invest in education that emphasizes innovative thinking, support cultural and artistic endeavors, and build strong support systems for mental health and coping with adversity, nurturing an adaptable, vibrant community.

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